Hard Mesh 2

The first Maya® plugin to make hard surface modeling easy!

Strenght Points

Create your models with a new speed and creative power

Be free to edit your meshes cut and blending

Provided workflow fully integrated in Autodesk® Maya®

Example models

What is Hard Mesh?

Maya®'s boolean or "trim like" operations on hard surface modelling represent a significant bottleneck in the workflow of any professional modeller.

Hard Mesh solves this issue. It's a plug-in based on the script "Hard Surface Poly Tools". The tool simplifies complex polygonal modelling operations, and thanks to an intuitive interface and nodes that make modelling more creative and interactive!.

Hard Mesh 2 Works with

(MAC & Linux coming soon)

Maya 2015
Maya 2016
Maya 2016.5
Maya 2017

What's Next

Upcoming features in version 3


The core algorithms as modeling tools


Create variable radius blendings


Lots of optimizations and better performance

And much more...